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Frosted Cranberries for #CranberryWeek

Frosted Cranberries are a super simple and fun addition to your holiday table! Serve as a snack, or use as a beautiful garnish! | desserts | Thanksgiving recipes | holiday recipes | #CranberryWeek |

It’s Monday! Also…it’s Monday. So let’s go with something easy, shall we? Something easy, but with impact, because if we’re doing this on a Monday, we’re doing something that counts.

I’d never eaten a fresh cranberry until I tested this recipe. I actually loved the crunchy texture, but good heavens are they sour! I still ate several before catching myself and throwing the rest in the pot. Once they’re covered in simple syrup, they are pretty edible, and once they’re coated in sugar, they’re basically candy.

Frosted cranberries are a) tasty and b) beautiful. You can do almost anything with them: serve as a tasty snack, garnish a cocktail (stay tuned, hint, hint!), spread in pretty dishes across a holiday table. Also, they’re really, really easy.

Step 1: Coat cranberries in simple syrup. Step 2: Coat in sugar. Done.

Frosted Cranberries Notes

If the crunchy texture isn’t for you, you can easily cook them softer by soaking them in the hot simple syrup for a few minutes. Less than five minutes was enough to make them a just a little bit softer.

These are super, super simple, but of course I have a few notes to clarify even this super simple process. One: pick through the cranberries first to pull out any bad ones. Two: Granulated sugar works fine, but for an even better coating, use superfine sugar (you can create this by running the sugar through the food processor for a few seconds). Three: Toss a few at a time, because they’ll want to stick together!

You can store these for up to a week in the fridge, loosely covered. If covered tightly, they may become soggy.

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Recipe from Damn Delicious.


Frosted Cranberries for #CranberryWeek