Creamy Cajun Pasta

Creamy Cajun Pasta

Creamy Cajun Pasta is packed with flavor and plenty of veggies and protein!
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NoteFor me, the passing of time has never quite ceased to correspond to the school year. After I graduated college, I went right to work for the university. I don’t get summer vacation,  but there are other definite reminders of the ups and downs of a new semester. Traffic, for instance. And the need for packed lunches.

I would love to have leftovers at work every day, but my leftovers game is not that strong. Sometimes we’ve eaten it all, or the leftovers that we have reheat weird (like meatloaf. For whatever reason, I just can’t quite do meatloaf in the work microwave).

This recipe is perfect for packed lunches. The pasta/veggie/meat combo reheats nicely, and this recipe as written makes a GIANT POT O’ FOOD. Two people can eat this for dinner, and then one person can eat lunch all week on what’s left. And the fabulous combination of flavors means that it doesn’t get boring.

Creamy Cajun Pasta Notes

I will recommend that you do most of the cooking in a vessel that is a) large and b) cast iron or some other heavy material. You get the most flavor out of this recipe when the ingredients are browned, which happens best in a nice heavy vessel over higher heat. I also like to chop the ingredients smaller so they cook faster, especially the chicken.

I don’t know much about Cajun cooking, but I do love this version. For a more authentic New Orleans flavor, you might add celery to the onions and peppers–the “Holy Trinity” of Cajun cooking. For more veggies, add chopped tomatoes, or another bell pepper. You might also add more Cajun seasoning for more heat (although if you, like me, use Tony Chachere’s, be aware that it will get correspondingly saltier). If you really love the creaminess, you could add more cream. If the wine-y flavor floats your boat, use more of that. And maybe pour yourself a glass of the same to go with dinner.

And one very important note regarding sauce! When I call this “creamy,” I mean that everything is lightly coated in just a slick of creamy goodness. If you want more of a semblance of sauciness, double the broth/wine/cream. If you want more of a Cajun alfredo, the kind my husband adores that leaves a puddle in your bowl for sopping up with bread, quadruple it.

What if, you ask, this is just too much food? You love the idea but could never eat the same thing every day for a week? Choose one protein and cut the rest of the recipe in half. I myself prefer the sausage; Robby likes the mix of both.

I’m always looking for inspiration, so tell me: what are your favorite leftovers?

This recipe is adapted from How Sweet Eats (which adapted it from The Pioneer Woman. Yay food blogs!).

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