Bacon-Cheddar Stuffed Burgers

Bacon-Cheddar Stuffed Burgers with Homemade Crisps

Bacon-Cheddar Stuffed Burgers with Homemade Crisps | summer recipes |
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Okay. I set out to write a post about bacon-cheddar stuffed burgers, with some chips on the side, and I ended up waxing eloquent about the crisps. Don’t get me wrong; the burgers are very, very good. They’re not fancy, but they don’t need to be (despite the fancy-pants staging above with the avocado slices). They are straightforward, tasty burgers. Also, mine are bunless, but that’s because I, uh, didn’t want to leave the house to buy buns. Yours can absolutely have buns.

But chips. I have a thing about chips. I also have a thing for chocolate, but I have to be honest – over the past decade or so, my tastes have gradually shifted. I’m pretty good about walking past the candy aisle in the grocery store, but chips? Crunchy + salty + fried is my weakness.

These crisps are my answer. I’m calling them “homemade crisps” instead of “chips” because they’re not quite like the fried-air chips you buy in bags, but they sure are crispy. They’re also healthier by definition, simply because they’re made from real potatoes, by you, right now (as opposed to deep fried and then put on a shelf for however long).

The ones in the photos here got cooked for a bit longer; Robby liked them best that way. I actually preferred them cooked a little bit less, so you get just a touch of chewy potato. They are not pictured here because I ate them all.


I dug out my mandoline from under some decorative tea towels for the express purpose of making a thinner, crispier crisp. I had only used it once before because it didn’t come with the handguard and I’ve been nervous about slicing my fingertips off. But I tried these chips earlier in the same week, slicing with a knife, and it’s just much easier with the mandoline.

It was easy enough that I might, in experimenting with these in the time before Robby got home, have eaten three pans of them by myself. See above about eating the photography material.

CrispsI encourage you to eat these right out of the pan, hot, with plenty of salt. If you want to get really fancy, you could top them with bleu cheese and maybe a honey drizzle. Ooooooh.

Also, if your fancy-burger photography leaves you with part of an avocado and some extra bacon…I advise you to get a spoon.

Avocado with baconAdapted from this Food Network recipe.

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