Hey there! Welcome to Bear & Bug Eats. I’m Katie (the bug), and my husband Robby (the bear) is lurking around the corner. I’m the primary writer; Robby is the sommelier and my photography coach. This space is where we explore delicious food, wine pairings, make mistakes and make them better, and when in doubt, add bacon.

The two of us have very different cooking styles. I get impatient if a recipe takes too long and if I lived alone, I would probably exist on endless variations of mac ‘n’ cheese. Robby loves cooking for the art of it and enjoys complicated French techniques. I love Chinese and Italian best; he likes Mexican and trendy foods. He’s studying for Sommelier Certification; I fall off of chairs when I drink.

We hope that you enjoy what you read here! Shoot us a comment; we’d love to hear from you!

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